by Rob Salerno

Jason Stroud and Rob Salerno in RAW, 2012. Photo by Drasko Bogdanovic.

RAW is a deliciously dark comic drama about sexual ethics and HIV in the 21st century. Two men become bound by sex, violence and fear after a sexual encounter where Stephen fails to tell James that he is HIV-positive. Now, after receiving an anonymous letter warning him to get tested, James arrives at Stephen’s door to confront the man he believes has killed him.


Production History and Rights:

RAW was developed with the help of Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators Reserve grants awarded on the recommendation of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and the Cabaret Company. An early draft of the show was workshopped at the 2012 Toronto Fringe, with cast Jason Stroud and Rob Salerno. In 2014, Rob Salerno was invited to develop the script in residency at the Banff Playwrights Colony. The final draft received a public reading as part of the 2015 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.

Ten Foot Pole Theatre is currently looking for opportunities to develop or produce RAW. Please contact rob@tenfootpole.ca if you are interested.



    1. A French translation is not currently available, but I welcome anyone who would like to read the English draft and work on a translation.

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